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The group's Romanian costume is a mixture of items made by members of the group, items that were bought  and items that were given to us.

The men's shirts were made and embroidered by a member of the group

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The flag of Romania consists of three equal sized vertical stripes. The left stripe is blue, the middle one yellow and the right one red.

Romanian Flag Description

Romanian Flag Meaning

Romanian Flag History

The red, yellow and blue stripes represent Moldova and Walachia, the two principalities that united to form Romania in 1859. The colours are found in the coat of arms of these former states.

The current Romanian flag was adopted on December 27, 1989. A horizontal red, yellow, blue flag was introduced by nationalists in 1848. In 1861, Romania was established when Walachia and Moldavia united. The new Romanian country adopted a red (top), yellow (middle) and blue (bottom) horizontal striped flag. The Romanian flag was changed to its present vertical design in 1867 after being influenced by the French flag. Romania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire on May 9, 1877 and a year later this was used as the country's national flag. Between 1867 and 1989 the flag had the country's coat of arms in the centre of it.

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