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The flag of France consists of three equal vertical stripes - the left stripe is blue; the middle white; and the right side is red. (Proportions 2:3)

French Flag Description

French Flag Meaning

The French flag is based on a red, white and blue cockade (a badge of concentric circles) which was worn by King Louis XVI while addressing a revolutionary gathering in Paris. The King had added white to the cockade as it is the traditional colour of French royalty. Red and blue are also the traditional livery colours of Paris, the country's capital city.

The French flag was adopted in May 1794, making it one of the world's oldest flags. The French flag was created in 1790, but with the colours were reversed to how they appear on the flag today. After Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo the French flag was put out of use, however it was reintroduced in 1830 and has remained in use ever since.

French Flag History


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