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The groups Austrian costume is based on the Wipptaler region on the southern side of the Mittelgebirge mountains, near Innsbruck in the Tyrol.

The men wear genuine lederhosen, hats and socks

with a white shirt.

The ladies costume was made by members of the group

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Austrian Flag

The Austrian flag consists of three equal horizontal strips. The top and bottom stripes are red and the middle stripe is white.

Austrian Flag Description

Austrian Flag Meaning

Austrian Flag History

Legend has it that Duke Leopold V. of Austria (1157-1194) was involved in a battle during the Crusades, and after the fight his white battledress was soaked in blood. When he removed his belt, though, the cloth underneath was still white. That very sight is said to have inspired the red, white and red stripes on the Austrian flag.

The Austrian flag originated when Duke Friedrich II (1210-1246) wanted Austria to become more independent of the Roman Empire so he and adopted the red-white-red flag in 1230. The empire of Austria was founded in 1806. In 1938 it became a province of Nazi Germany. The allies occupied Austria after the Second World War until it became fully independent in 1955, on the condition that it remained neutral. The current version of the Austrian flag was adopted on April 27, 1984.

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